The Importance Of Staying Focused

In the short time that I’ve been involved in internet marketing, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on products. You name the topic, I’ve likely got a product on it somewhere on my hard drive.

Some of them were brilliant and some of them were complete duds.

If I’m being completely honest, the duds are in the lead though in the race for quality information and not just rehashed guides covering the same old ground.

So I spent many months chasing after the next “big thing” and buying products.

It was never an issue of not taking action on the products though. In fact, I always give a new system or method a proper try. One of the biggest reasons people fail in online business is not actually doing the work and taking action on their ideas.

This has never been a problem of mine.

My biggest challenge in the early days was lack of focus.

Let’s face it – there are a LOT of shiny objects out there online that make it difficult to stay on task. One week I would be focused on the basics of list building and then I would switch to driving traffic with Facebook ads.

I am a very results-oriented person and would become frustrated when I didn’t see results quickly. My lizard brain would pipe up and tell me that whatever I was working on wasn’t working.

So I would move on to something else – hoping to find something that “works”.

I’ve started to have success in internet marketing in the last couple of years because I’ve learned to move past this need to see “immediate results”.

Whenever I start a new project, I now commit to realizing a certain goal before moving onto something else.

That’s not to say that I only work on one thing at a time – I have way too much going online now for that to be efficient. What I am saying is that when I take on a project, I will set a target for what I consider a reasonable goal.

For example, I’ve recently started a new niche site and am implementing a new backlink strategy.

My goal is to not move on to any new sites until I have the new site to 100 visitors a day.

It’s in a highly competitive niche with a lot of profit potential. I know the battle to get it even to that traffic goal is going to be tough.

The temptation to throw in the towel will be strong.

By setting a concrete goal though, I actually make it more attainable instead of just getting frustrated with not seeing results.

One of the biggest frustrations for anyone getting started in internet marketing is trying to find “something that works”. Constantly chasing after the next big traffic source or list-building technique is a surefire way to frustration.

Try picking one thing and sticking to it. Make your goal a little one. Something attainable.

See how it feels when you reach that goal.

It doesn’t need to be 100 visitors a day or $500 a month.

Make it something attainable so you can see how it feels to stay focused on a task and how wandering about between all the latest strategies online is a fruitless endeavour.

What are your biggest challenges that you’re finding it hard to focus on?

Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I had hard time to focus sometimes. I try to stay away from distraction and finish one 30 min task at a time.

    “Try picking one thing and sticking to it. Make your goal a little one. Something attainable.”

    Finishing tasks keeps me going and focusing on the next one. Hope it helps.

  2. Jon says:

    Absolutely Kent. By focusing on one task at a time, you stand a much greater chance of actually finishing it. Once you do this with a few tasks, you start to gain some momentum and actually end up getting more done.

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