5 Tricks To Getting Your Kindle Book Written And Published

I’ve talked in the past about writing a Kindle book in one sitting but the reality is that sometimes you need a lot more time than just an evening. Even if your book is going to be quite short, it can often be a struggle to actually get it done and finally hit that “publish” […]

Lost And Found

In the past few days, my wife and I have been busy organizing and packing up our things for a move at the end of next week. We aren’t going far but the act of having to pack up everything you own and move it to another location is a big task no matter the […]

The Secret To Making Money With 99¢ Kindle Books

When I first started publishing on Kindle, I would price my books anywhere between $10-$15. My books were taking me days to research and write and I thought that I needed to set my price at least this high in order to turn a profit and make it worth my white. Big mistake. It wasn’t long […]

3 Simple Ways To Get Your Kindle Book Noticed And Sold

It seems that everyone is talking about making money with Amazon Kindle publishing these days. It wasn’t long ago that selling e-books online meant offering prospective customers PDF files and having to explain that it’s a “digital book”. Now people are starting to become more familiar with the concept of e-books thanks to the wide […]