A Quick Review of The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

I can remember clearly the day just over 4 years ago that a good friend of mine lent me a copy of The 4 Hour Work Week. At the time, I had no concept of entrepreneurship and certainly didn’t believe that I could generate a passive income. I didn’t even know what a passive income […]

The Real “Secret Ingredient” To A Successful Online Business

Have you ever heard the saying “It’s not what you know but who you know”? It seems like the kind of saying that only applies to people in traditional retail and marketing channels but I believe it’s every bit as relevant for people in internet marketing. There are a lot of people making a boat load […]

How To Create Killer Sales Page Graphics Without Photoshop

It’s a fact that professional graphics and design make a site appear more trustworthy to a visitor. We’ve all seen those crappy looking sales pages full of lame clipart, cheap fonts and blurry images. Even if it’s the best product the online world has ever seen, if it looks cheap, people are less likely to […]

3 Free Tools To Boost Your Productivity And Help You Get Things Done

Over the years I’ve tried a collection of both free and paid online productivity tools. Some of them were a complete waste of time and some were a complete waste of money. A few were a waste of both. Today I’d like to share with you the 3 free tools that are now part of […]

5 Tricks To Getting Your Kindle Book Written And Published

I’ve talked in the past about writing a Kindle book in one sitting but the reality is that sometimes you need a lot more time than just an evening. Even if your book is going to be quite short, it can often be a struggle to actually get it done and finally hit that “publish” […]

A Simple Way To Build A List And Make Your First $100 Online

One of the hardest things about making money on the internet when you are first getting started is finding one thing to focus on – a goal to work towards. Even if you do manage to pick an area to focus on, it can be next to impossible to stay focused and see it through to […]

3 Blogs You Need To Start Reading Today

Let’s face it. There are a LOT of blogs on the internet today that speak about the subject of making money online and pursuing your passion. The harsh reality is that many of them (a large percentage in fact) really aren’t worth more than an occasional visit. They have the odd good post but don’t […]

How To Build A Passive Income With Tiny $7 Products

When I first started working online, I was focused solely on affiliate marketing. It’s a fact that when you are first starting out, it makes sense to focus on the mechanics of generating traffic and building a list. However, after you’ve gotten to grips with affiliate marketing, the next logical step is to get into creating […]

How To Generate Dozens Of Niche Ideas In Seconds

I picked up a keyword research tool called Keyword Blaze Pro a few days ago on a recommendation from a friend of mine. It’s a solid piece of software from Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey that has recently created quite a buzz in the online marketing community. I thought of giving an in-depth review of the […]

A Quick And Dirty Way To Find Great Longtail Keywords

There are many aspects of internet marketing that I enjoy doing on a daily basis but there is one thing that has always been a thorn in my side. You can be the best writer in the world and be putting up amazing content online for people to consume but if you aren’t able to […]